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Where does Global Acts of Unity present?

GAU visits all sorts of organisations, but students at schools, PRUs, colleges and universities are our core audience. Our presentation has been seen by tens of thousands of students all over the country.

What is the presentation about?

The GAU talk lasts one hour. This includes a 35-minute presentation, followed by a short film and a Question and Answer session. The presentation tells of the murder of Mike’s brother David, at the hands of ISIS whilst he was working as a humanitarian worker in Syria.

GAU’s aim is to help steer our youth away from words or actions of hate. GAU seeks to empower our youth to see that hate is a choice and they have the power to reject hate and choose a better path.

Please do not give the students prior knowledge of a GAU visit or what we are talking about. The impact is much more effective if students do not know what they are going to hear about.

What does it cost?

There are two options that you can choose from:

We can enter your organisation into the GAU school tours database and when we come to your area you will be prioritised for placement. This does not incur any cost to your school, it is free.

We can do a one-off visit to your organisation to come and do as many presentations (maximum two a day) as you require. This incurs a cost as it is not covered by GAU funding.

What is the preferred audience size?

Mike will present to one person or to hundreds. The most common type of audience is year groupings, so the average audience size is about 250.

What does GAU need from you?

  • A space large enough to hold the audience you have in mind.
  • A laptop, projector and screen to show the film and PowerPoint,
    which we bring on a USB.
  • A lectern for Mike to stand at and a chair beside the lectern.
  • A table to lay out the free GAU merchandise for the students.


“I want to thank you for the inspirational speech you gave at my school. I found your story very touching. How you can be so positive through all you have been through shocks me and the world needs more people like you.”


“In 20+ years of teaching I have not been involved with a guest speaker who has generated as much positive feedback as Mike did. I spoke to some of our more challenging/disengaged students today about the talk and they were all complementary.”


“I listened to your presentation today in school. I found it deeply moving and you completely changed my outlook on the way I view things. Your words made me come to the realisation that everyone can make a difference and together we can put an end to the hate.”


“Mike's powerful and emotional talk, promoting community cohesion and tolerance, came with a clear message that we can defeat violent extremism through strength of unity across all ethnicities and religions. He added: We've complete admiration for Mike and his work in educating and enlightening our students. He is without a doubt inspiring and his message of 'if we hate they win' will stick with our pupils.”


“It gave my daughter a much better understanding of the world outside her local community.”


“You made a real difference today at my school, afterwards the corridors were buzzing all in admiration for you! However, the thing that truly impressed me was how you refused to give in to the hatred and terror they wanted and instead you did something truly amazing.”