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Looking for a way to help your pupils learn about and discuss the sensitive subjects of terrorism, discrimination and multiculturalism in the classroom?

Download the free Global Acts of Unity lesson plan and interactive presentation. You’ll find them below.

If I‘m coming to speak at your school, the ‘Mike’s Story’ section of the interactive presentation gives you an advance guide to what my talk covers.

It takes heart to challenge hate with love

Duration: 12:12

My name is Mike Haines, and I would like to tell you a story of two brothers and how both of them found their paths in life.

The video resource and classroom ideas are designed to be used together, to help you and your class consider and discuss a wide range of themes around terrorism and the value of unity in the face of division.

Classroom ideas

Q1 Mike has chosen not to hate. Does this surprise you?
Q2 How can we stand against hate and stop prejudice in society?
Q3 What are the benefits and challenges of living in a multicultural society?
Q4 Why do you think education is important to prevent extremist views?
Q5 How has Mike’s message inspired you?
PLEASE NOTE: This short film contains scenes which some viewers may find upsetting. Teacher review is recommended prior to use in class.
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The Global Acts of Unity teaching resources are aimed at Key Stage 3 and 4 students, and support the PSHE curriculum.

The lesson plan and interactive presentation are designed to be used together, to help you and your class consider and discuss a wide range of themes around terrorism and the value of unity in the face of division.

There’s enough material for two hour-long lessons. The resources are also perfect for use during a PSHE day or similar off-timetable session.

Lesson Plan Guide

Download Your Lesson Plan

The lesson plan is a PDF outlining all the educational content, including activities and discussion points, with approximate timings for each.

It will help you decide whether you want to cover all the content, or pick and choose what to do, and help you keep track as you go along.

Download PDF

Download your Hate Crime Awareness Week Lesson Plan

Use the PDF lesson plan to get your students thinking about why we all use stereotypes.

Hate Crime Awareness Week offers the perfect opportunity to share the important messages of mutual respect and tolerance, and discuss with students how and why the legal system assigns a special status to crimes that are motivated by hate.

Download PDF


You can use this resource on an interactive whiteboard, inviting students up to have a go at the activities as appropriate, and using their answers as a springboard for discussion. Or you can run it on your school’s computers, with students doing the activities on their own or in pairs, and discussing the issues raised together. The interactive presentation does not currently work on mobile phones or tablets.

You might like to work through it from start to finish, pausing the resource while you discuss and reflect. You can also mix and match different sections – just click on ‘Resources’ to see the full menu.

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