5 September 2019

Eastwood High Warmth

GAU’s Visit to Eastwood High School.

The 2nd of September was a day of mixed emotions. Five years previously my brother appeared in the video of Steven Sotloff’s murder by ISIS. The anniversary of Steven’s murder always brings back horrible memories.

The mixed emotions came from a very warm and friendly visit to Eastwood High School in Newton Mearns, near Glasgow. The visit had been arranged for some time and it was the perfect antidote to the bad feelings generated by the anniversary. Eastwood High has many notable former students including a guitarist from my brother’s favourite band Thin Lizzy.


We arrived at this impressive school in high winds and soaking rain. We were met by two Prefects, Lucy and Donald. The two of them took us to a room where we could relax and wait for lunch to finish. I had a great discussion with Lucy and Donald and was impressed by their confidence and manner.

It was time to head for the assembly area. This very modern school utilises its space for all sorts of activities. The area we were using for the presentation was also used for dining, theatre and performance area. The facilities at this school are quite impressive. The students and staff keep the school spotless.

The Presentations.

We were giving two presentations today to second year students and then third years. Lucy and Donald helped us set up as the students came in and sat down. The presentations were warmly received, we could see the impact of the presentation on the students. There were some good questions and many students came up to speak with me privately at the end.

Last Thoughts.

A big big thank you to Miss Kelly and the staff who helped organise our visit. Another big thank you to two very special students Lucy and Donald, who made us feel very welcome.

With the awful weather, cancelled trains and the anniversary this day should not have been at all pleasant, however rays of sunshine shone in the form of the students and staff of this school. I sincerely hope that we get to visit this fine school again.

Over & Out,