14 June 2018

Fraserburgh Academy

Fraserburgh Academy

On the 9th of May, which happened to be David’s birthday I took the trip up to the North East Coast of Scotland to visit Fraserburgh Academy.

Through a family connection I had been invited their to speak to some of the students at this fine school. There was also a very personal connection to the school as this was where my fiancée Vanessa attended school so many years ago, (I will pay for that!).

Vanessa’s family and soon to be my In-Laws have lived in the area for many years and are well known in the delightful town. Fraserburgh has become a second home for me and with its wonderful characters and plain-speaking folk my time visiting family and friends is precious.

I arrived at the school to be met by Miss Noble, who took me to the library where I was speaking. The students arrived full of curiosity and the usual chatter. They soon settled down and the GAU presentation began.

I was accorded absolute silence during the presentation with quite a few of the students moved to tears.

When time came for the questions there was a torrent, with quite a few challenging and intelligent ones.

All to soon my visit was over and I had to return to my home. My visit to Fraserburgh Academy was a great success and my thanks go to prospective In Laws for accommodation, Miss Noble for setting this up and to lastly most importantly to the students who were superb.