16 June 2019

Kirkcaldy High, A Real High Indeed.

GAU visits Kirkcaldy High School.

The early morning of the 10th of June saw GAU off in the train to Kirkcaldy. I was a touch nervous as I had been told the school we were visiting (Kirkcaldy High School) was a bit of a warzone and the word Beirut was mentioned.

Expecting to see somewhere runs down, I was pleasantly surprised by the clean modern lines of the building, no litter in the grounds and everything tidy. The students were all in uniform and neat as could be. The door was held open for us by one of the students who wished us a good day. Inside the reception area there was an impressive array of silverware in beautiful wooden cabinets. As we walked through the school I was impressed by the cleanliness of the place and the politeness of the students.

The KHS Presentations.

GAU was being accompanied by a film crew, filming for a BBC2 documentary. It was quite distracting at first then I took no notice of them. The two presentations to two different year groups went very well indeed. There were some great questions and a lot of students waited to have a quiet word with me.

Afterwards I had been invited by Miss Mahr to a panel session with religious, spiritual and political panellists from the community. We were quizzed very effectively by her S4 RMPS Class. Some of the questions really tested us I am glad to say.

Well it goes to prove you should not always go by someone’s recommendation when you visit somewhere. Yes, Kirkcaldy like all industrial towns is suffering however going by the reception we were given by this most impressive school, the town is vibrant, full of the joys of life and pleasant indeed.

Last Words.

GAU’s thanks goes to all involved, especially Miss Mahr and the Headteacher. A very special thank you goes to the wonderful students. I really enjoyed our visit here and it proved that we should not make a judgement based on other peoples words. Kirkcaldy High School has been an insight and inspiring. Well done.

Over & Out