2 June 2019

GAU Speaks the Humanist Society of Scotland Conference.

Edinburgh Bound.

On the morning of 17thMay I was off to Edinburgh to attend the Humanist Society of Scotland’s conference. I had been invited to be a guest speaker at this important event. Both of my parents had a Humanist funeral, so I was only too glad to repay the favour.

The conference was being held at the Royal Society in Edinburgh, a most impressive and prestigious venue.

The Speakers.

I had decided to attend the whole day as there were some very interesting speakers lined up. A Mr A.C. Grayling, spoke about the philosophy of Humanism, a most fascinating lecture that I enjoyed immensely.

The afternoon began with a most enthralling and thought-provoking talk from a Rebecca Stott. She talked about her and her family’s experiences at the hands of a cult. I recommend her book “In the Days of Rain” This book won the Costa Biography Award in 2017. It was quite surprising to hear her story and that such control and authority granted to the cult leaders, goes on in modern day Britain.

Then it was time for my speech. I spoke about how we should be proud of our differences and celebrate them whilst respecting other people’s stories and differences. I spoke of what happened to my family and the rejection of hatred. It was very well received.

Carina Haouchine is a young film maker studying in Edinburgh. She showed a film about the two sides of her family. Growing up in Glasgow with her Mum and then visiting and exploring her father’s Algerian side of the family. The film was really quite incredible.

Ending off the day was a presentation on Stop Climate Chaos. A really motivating presentation on how we can help in the fight to protect our world.

Last Thoughts

The day was full of interesting people and fascinating talks. I learned a lot today and that means it was a good day. I made some new friends and spoke with the lady that conducted the services for both my parents’ funerals. It was a pleasure and honour to have spoken with this audience.

Over and Out,