16 March 2019

Our Flying Visit to Derby.

Derby, It’s Been A While.

Global Acts of Unity had a couple of days in the city of Derby. Derby has changed so much since I was last here, some thirty years ago. A vibrant city full of life and laughter it was a pleasure to have a wander round for a few hours. Sitting in a pub I had a good laugh with some of the locals.

As I said we were here only for two nights, so we did not have much time for speaking at their schools.

The Schools.

On the 13th of March we visited Landau Forte College. This is an impressive school. The students were so well behaved. The facilities at this school were quite incredible as well. The presentation went down very well with plenty of students coming up to me to chat and ask questions. It really was an honour to present to these inspiring students.

The 14th of March saw Global Acts of Unity at The Kingsmead School. The students here all have a range of issues however they were superb. Listening right the way through with respect and understanding. Once again we had some great questions.

Thanks as always to the students, staff and organisers of our visit here.

Final Thoughts

I would have liked to have spent more time in this great city. Hopefully the campaign will return to speak at more schools in the area. I would like more time to meet the students, teachers and people of Derby.

Over and Out,