14 March 2019

Coventry a Braw City.

Excited about Coventry.

Global Acts of Unity has never been to Coventry before, I personally hadn’t been since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Coventry has a great reputation as one of the first UK. Sanctuary cities, as a city of Peace and Reconciliation. During the Second World War much of the city and of course the Cathedral was destroyed. When we at GAU knew we were going to be coming to Coventry we were all excited, and it didn’t disappoint.

The Schools.

On Monday 11th of March Global Acts of Unity arrived at Blue Coat CofE School. The students at this great school really tasked us with some great questions and discussion. Our visit here was a great success, thanks to the students and staff.

In the afternoon we were at Whitley Academy. My goodness me what a visit. I came away from here so inspired by the students. The students completely understood the message of rejecting hatred.

The 12th of March saw us visiting West Coventry Academy. What a great school and great facilities. Unfortunately, it was raining cats and dogs and as it is a campus school we all got a bit wet. We were speaking with the sixth form who were excellent. I had a lot of questions and discourse with these great young men and women.

As always, a great big GAU thank you goes out to all the students, staff and all who helped organise our visit.

Coventry, A GAU View.

We were excited to visit this city and interested to see how the ethos of this City of Peace and Reconciliation was reflected in the students. In all the venues we spoke at the students were quite incredible. They were keen to ask questions and discuss issues that were affecting them. We really enjoyed our visit here and we hope to return.


Coventry you deserve your reputation. Well done.


Over and Out,