3 February 2018

Kensington Blog

2018 started off for Global Acts of Unity with a week long visit to the London Borough of Kensington. Kensington was hit last year with the terrible tragedy of Grenfell Tower. All the schools I visited had been affected by that inferno. As I stood and looked upon the ruins of the building, I could feel the horror that emanated from there. I hope all the families affected get some peace and they are in my prayers. What was apparent though was the way that tragedy has united people. Every school I visited had people in place to talk and help students who had been affected.

The week started with a visit to Fulham Boys school and Chelsea Academy. The students of both Schools gave me a very warm reception and had some tough questions. Tuesday saw visits to Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School and the West London Free School. A very impressive visit to both the schools. Wednesday was taken up with visiting Latymer Upper School and Hammersmith Academy. Thursday we visited the Academy’s of Kensington Aldridge and Phoenix a superb day of interaction with the students. Friday saw a return visit to one of my first schools, the Ark Burlington Danes Academy. I was very happy to return to this amazing school and was greeted warmly by the students.


Image: Latymer Upper School Playing Fields © Chmee2