3 March 2018

Redbridge Blog

My visit to Redbridge took place early February. Redbridge is the home town of my good friend Shahnawaz. Shahnawaz accompanied me to some of the schools we visited, in which I was able to bring him into the proceedings. We role played a hate situation where we both got angry and verbally abusive to each other and then we stepped closer and it looked as if we could get physically aggressive. Instead, we hugged. After I introduced him to the students, you could feel the tensions ease as they could see the obvious friendship between us.

We visited the schools of: Woodbridge High, Loxford, Mayfield High, Chadwell Academy, Forest Academy, Valentine and Palmer Academy. The people of Redbridge should be very proud of their students. Without exception, the schools gave me a grand reception and a fondly remembered visit. I am often in Redbridge, so I hope I cross their paths again.


Image: Chadwell Heath Academy © Shahirmihad