26 September 2016

Light Up the Law

Mike Haines

On 22 September here in Dundee we had an event on the Law hill. The event was in remembrance of those who have lost their lives across the globe in war and acts of terror and to remember those who perished in their desperate search for safety. It was a procession, led by pipers, of people in solidarity with the refugees fleeing for their lives from conflict. Everyone had torches or candles which were placed at the top of the Law in a moment of silence in solidarity and hope for peace.

There were a number of speakers, including the Procurator Fiscal of Dundee and myself. There was a gospel choir and a local duo, the Twa Tenors. Unfortunately, the weather was not kind, with rain lashing down and soaking everyone. However, about two hundred people braved the rain to show solidarity.

I followed the Procurator Fiscal and as usual I had a touch of nerves. I spoke a little of what happened to my family and then more of the need for tolerance, unity and peace in our communities. I know that for some, the refugees are a contentious issue even though they are fleeing for their lives. They do not want to be here far from their homes, they want to be in their own homes, cosying up with their family around them. We have to stretch out the hand of generosity and friendship. We could be the ones fleeing in the future. We have to show that humanity is the most important cause of all.

I was very honoured and proud to be speaking at such an event. Dundee has a long history of immigrants coming to our city. We have a wonderfully diverse population that together makes Dundee a vibrant, caring city.