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Mike Haines' brother was David Haines - the British aid worker murdered by Daesh in 2014.

In order for something positive to come out of this senseless and barbaric act, Mike's mission has been to promote unity in the face of division. That is why he created his Global Acts of Unity Campaign

“The only way to defeat extremism is through unity across all backgrounds and faiths. Only by standing shoulder -to- shoulder, united against hate and terror, will we defeat the criminals and cowards who took my brother and threaten us all.”

– Mike Haines

Since his brother’s death, Mike has tirelessly been spreading his message of unity. He has spoken to people of all faiths to reiterate that hate, anger and violence must never prevail.

He has taken this message of hope into schools, prisons, religious centres and in the process has even met the Pope.

Mike Haines is a powerful voice of calm and strength in the face of personal adversity at the hands of extremists. He determined that as many people as possible hear his message.

Mike is committed to spreading his message as wide and far as possible.

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